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This organic honey is collected , with devoted to time-honored values, from wildflowers & conifers in selected sites across the region of Mani, Mt. Mainalon and Mt. Parnon & nothern Euboea.


Net Weight 420g (14,8oz)



Wildflower & Forest Honey - Greek Organic

  • Energy 335kj

    Fats 0g

    Saturated 0g

    Carbohydrates 84g

    Sugars 70g

    Dietary Fibers 0g

    Proteins 0,2g

    Salt 0g

  • Honey crystallization is a natural process that does not affect its organic properties and nutritional value.

    Store in a cool and dark place.

    Not to be consumed by infants under 12 months of age.

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