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Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, durum wheat semolina, natural spinach pate, tomato paste, eggs, pasteurized cow's milk, salt.


Net weight: 500g


Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Chilopites With Tomato & Spinach

  • Energy 372Kcal/1558kj

    Proteins 13,9g

    Carbohydrates 72g

    Sugars 2,8g

    Fats 3,7g

    Saturated 1,1g

    Dietary Fibres 1,8g

    Salt 1,1g

    Vitamin A 0mg

    Vitamin C 0mg

    Calcium 41mg

    Iron 1,2mg

  • Produced and packaged in Greece by:

    P. & I. Georgakopoulos O.E.

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