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Handmade ceramic candle containers

Handmade white glaze

Jasmine scent

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 6cm


Artist: Sofia Petsa - Poutouri 


Each pot is handmade with high temperature speckled brown clay. The color is attributed to the handmade white glaze. 

There might be minor differences.

After the candle has finished burning, the container could be used as a mug after washing with hot water.

Jasmine Candle

  • Natural soy wax candles, with 100% cotton wicks and jasmine scent. Soy wax burns clean and slow. The fragrance oils used are eco friendly and phthalate free. Each candle is approximately 130 g (as the vessels are handmade and unique, each candle ranges from 120 to 170 g)

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